At Muy Thai, we take great pride in delivering an exquisite culinary journey tailored to your taste buds.


this option offers a delightful hint of spice, perfect for those seeking an introduction to the world of Thai heat.


prepare yourself for a respectful kick of spice, a level which magnificently complements the flavors without overwhelming them.


you will embrace the traditional Thai spice levels, a piquant symphony of flavors that set your palate alight.

'Muy Spicy'

a fiery culinary adventure that tests your resilience and delivers an authentic, intense Thai experience.

For a unique touch, consider adding an 'Extra Fried Egg' to your meal; its creamy, soothing texture pairs exquisitely well with our dishes, providing a comforting balance to the spice levels.

We pride ourselves on presenting an authentic Thai cuisine experience right here in Los Angeles. Our dedication to delivering the genuine flavors of Thailand is evident in every dish we serve.

We believe in catering to your individual taste buds. You have the freedom to choose your own spice level! Whether you prefer mild and mellow or fiery and intense, our skilled chefs are here to customize the perfect level of spiciness that suits your palate.

Further, we've made sure to offer this exceptional culinary journey at a truly accessible price, ensuring that our patrons can savor the taste of Muy Thai without straining their budget. We cordially invite you to join us in this enchanting world of Thai delights, where an unforgettable dining experience awaits.